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There are many reasons that you might want to contact us;

  • if you’re thinking about coming out
  • if you’re questioning your gender or sexuality
  • If you want to know the best places to get size 11 ladies shoes or a chest binder
  • if you’ve just moved into Derbyshire and are looking to make new friends and get involved in the LGBT+ community
  • if you’re tired of leading a double-gendered life
  • if you’re being bullied, harassed or have been assaulted over your sexuality or gender
  • if your spouse has just told you that they are Trans*
  • if your same-sex partner is subjecting you to financial, physical or emotional abuse
  • if you’ve just come out and been asked by your faith leader not to attend worship services any more
  • if your teenager has just come out and told you they are being bullied at college because they are gay

Whatever the reason, we have several services that you can choose from.  We have a drop in service, where anyone is welcome to pop in and have a cuppa, and chat to our knowledgeable and friendly staff, and volunteers.  We have several social support groups which meet regularly, and are looking to set up more in the coming months.  We also have a strong focus on sexual health, so please ask if you want condoms, lube or dental dams, or sexual health advice.  Our supportive listening service is run by trained individuals, who are here to give you space and time to talk confidentially about the issues you want to explore.

If you have some free time and would like to help your LGBT+ community, you would be welcome to apply to become a volunteer with us.

You are welcome to drop in to see the centre facilities, talk with our staff over a cuppa and decide your next steps.

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  • Colin Key says:

    Interested in some counselling – preferably face-to-face, what could you offer me?

    May know some people here as used to volunteer, a few years ago

    Colin Key

    • DLGBT+ Staff says:

      Hi Colin,
      Our apologies that we didn’t reply to your comment earlier, we’ve been having some technical difficulties with our website.

      Sadly we don’t offer a counselling service, but we are launching a confidential listening ear service in the near future, based at our centre. Once this is launched we’ll advertise it on our social media sites.

  • Jimmy Jones says:

    Hi I used this service last year but had to stop attending due to the distance I had to drive. Is there anywhere in chesterfield that I can access for trans talking therapies? Generalised therapy isn’t useful for me.
    Thanks in advance,

    • DLGBT+ Staff says:

      Hi Jimmy,
      Our apologies that we didn’t reply to your comment earlier, we’ve been having some technical difficulties with our website.

      There isn’t anywhere that we know of that is a Trans-focussed talking therapy based in or around Chesterfield area. NHS talking therapies are generalised CBT and usually limited to 6 weeks of sessions. You could look at private therapy, but that will have a cost per session. We will shortly have a new listening ear service based at the centre which might be of interest to you in the future.

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