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LGBT+ History: First London PRIDE

1972 The first Pride is held in London, attracting approximately 2,000 participants.  Peter Tatchell was one of the organisers and he released a video showing the history of Pride on Youtube(below) several months […]

LGBT+ History: The GLF

Bob Mellors c1969 1970 In the UK, the GLF (Gay Liberation Front)  had its first meeting in the basement of the London School of Economics on 13 October 1970. Bob Mellors and Aubrey Walter had seen […]

LGBT+ History: The Sexual Offences Act 1967

MP Leo Abse 1967   Ten years after the Wolfenden Report, MP Leo Abse introduced the Sexual Offences Bill 1967 supported by Labour MP Roy Jenkins, then the Labour Home Secretary. When passed, The Sexual Offences Act 1967 (pdf) decriminalised homosexual […]