LGBT+ History: The Gay Christian Movement

The Gay Christian Movement was founded in April 1976 at a public meeting at the Sir John Cass School in the City of London, and later changed its name to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.

In 1976 the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement was founded at St Botolph’s and through the 1980s and 1990s St Botolph’s was a safe space for those who had been excluded from other churches because of their sexuality. Fortunately in the last decade other churches have become much more welcoming to LGBT people. The church continues to be a place where LGBT are welcomed as an integral part of our community. (source)

Needing a new home they moved to Oxford house, a Settlement project in Bethnal Green. After staying there for 25 years, they decided to leave London and relocated to a new home in Nottinghamshire.

Now the Movement includes LGBT+ and allies amongst its members, and also welcomes those of different faiths, or none, to work towards shared goals.

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