Fathers Day 2017

This is for all the fathers
Fathers who identify themselves as GBT+
Fathers of LGBT+ children
Fathers who deal with an ill child at four in the morning
And say ‘It’s ok, I’m here.’
Fathers who help make school play costumes
Fathers who run netball practice
Fathers who work on finding a cure for cancer
Fathers who look after aging relatives
Fathers who design buildings, and fly planes
And are there for their children no matter what.
Fathers who love, fathers who help keep children safe,
Fathers who are equal voices in their family,
Fathers who adopt, fathers who foster,
Fathers who cry just a little bit when they graduate University.
Fathers who look after disabled children, fathers who are disabled
For first-time dads, and second-time dads, and third, fourth and fifth-time dads,
In deep respect of all you accomplish and all that you do
We just wanted you to know

You’re awesome

We salute you 😀

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