LGBT+ History: Mark Rees

Mark Rees, Transman

In 1987, Mark Rees, a trans-man, brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights, stating that UK law prevented him from gaining legal status recognising him as male. The case was lost but the court noted the seriousness of the issues facing trans people.  His campaigning work eventually led to the formation of Press for Change, an organisation seeking rights and equality for all Trans* people in the UK.

You can read the full case notes here:  He did a podcast where he talks about his life here and you can read an article about him taking the case to court here although the first part gives more of an insight into his early life.

His story revolves around the church refusing him ordination as his baptism certificate stated he was female which the church disallowed ordination to.  This prompted him to launch a legal challenge as one had previously been heard by the European Court of Human Rights on the same issue.  Although the case was denied the courts admitted that their was a case to be had.  This was one of the catalysts to later lead to the implementation of the Gender Recognition Act.

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