LGBT+ History: The formation of OutRage!

1990 Candlelit vigil is held in London after five gay men are murdered within months of each other. The formation of Outrage! was prompted by two things. First, escalating queer-bashing violence, including a wave of homophobic murders:

  • September 1989, Christopher Schliach a Gay Barrister stabbed more than 40 times
  • Three months Later, a gay hotelier, Henry Bright was stabbed to death at home
  •  The following month gay hotel porter William Dalziel was found unconscious on a roadside in Acton. He died soon after from severe head injuries
  • April 1990, Actor Michael Booth was found clinging to park railings shouting his leg had been broken after being attacked by a group of six men.  Eight hours later, Michael died from massive internal bleeding.

OutRage! called for police to start protecting and not persecuting gay and bi men instead of arresting them. 35 people attended the first meeting at the Lesbian and Gay Centre in Farringdon, and the organisation was set up by Keith Alcorn, Chris Woods and Simon Watney, including many such as Peter Tatchell who had been active in the Gay Liberation Front and other campaigns.  OutRage! continued to campaign for equal rights and against homophobia until it closed in 2011.

You can read more about the organisation here:

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