LGBT+ History: events of 1992

The UK dependency, the Isle of Man, fully decriminalises homosexuality in 1992.  Before this time any men caught having sex faced life in prison.  While this may seem like good news the bill came with a sting in its tail.  In order for it to be legal the men both had to be over the age of consent, and in private.  It is the ‘in private’ clause which causes issues as that is taken to mean anywhere the public cannot go freely or by payment, and there must be no more than two people present.  It is also still illegal if performed onboard a Manx registered merchant vessel.(1)

In the same year, TV Personality Sandi Toksvig, comes out publicly as a lesbian through the pages of the Sunday Times and Daily Mirror.  Within the last couple of years, she has revealed that she received homophobic death threats shortly after she came out, and was told that her career in television would likely be over.  Sandi Toksvig took over hosting QI from Stephen Fry last year, and continues her highly successful entertainment career.

She gave an interview about her experiences from death threats to the rise and fall of her relationships in the Guardian here.

(1) Note: The author has not checked to see if this is still the current situation in the Isle of Man and was correct as of 2012.

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