LGBT+ History: TDOR

Trans* Day of Remembrance is founded in the USA in 1999, and then later commemorated in the UK and worldwide, to remember those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia and to bring attention to the continued violence endured by the Trans* community.
The International Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day which is set aside to remember those who were killed due to anti-transgender hate or prejudice.  It is held annually on the 20th November and was founded by another Transgender woman Gwendolyn Ann Smith. See on the to follow the articles she had written for some of the regional LGBT newspapers.
The event was first held to honour Rita Hester who was murdered on November 28th 1998 sparking the “remembering our dead” web project and a candlelight vigil in San Francisco in 1999.  The vigil started at the Model Café in Allston and ended at her apartment, where she had been stabbed 20 times.  Like many cases of this kind the case remains unsolved.
The “Remembering our dead” project links to a now defunct website but the last version can be found on the web archive.  See
Other projects also sprang into life from this, including  who have other useful information regarding different aspects of how Transgender people are treated around the globe.
Additional info:  Rita’s grave details can be found here


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