LGBT+ History: Same sex marriage

Peter McGraith and David Cabreza had been together for 17 years before the big day on 29th March 2014.  Their wedding was among the first of many in the UK that day which symbolised the legalisation of same sex marriage in the United Kingdom.  As it was such a momentous day the ceremony did get a lot of coverage over the internet.  One of the better descriptions and articles about the day can be found here at

The Act was discussed at length in Parliament and had many hurdles to cross so some restrictions had to be put in place for the bill to proceed.  Chief among these restrictions was the allowance for a member of the clergy to decline to conduct a service for a same sex marriage.  A registrar does not have this ‘privilege’ and there was at least one case where a registrar was dismissed for refusing to conduct a ceremony in principle although as she hadn’t refused to conduct a specific wedding she was reinstated shortly after an appeal.  For further details see

For those interested in reading the official act itself please see here

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