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LGBT History Month 2016 – Day 12 – Audre Lorde

Day 12 and we explore the life of Audre Lourde (1934 – 1992). Audre Lorde was an American writer, radical feminist, womanist, lesbian, and civil rights activist. In her own words, Lorde was a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”

audre lorde
Her poems and essays focused on civil rights issues, feminism, and the expression of black female identity. Lourde is best known for technical mastery and emotional expression in her poetry, particularly the poems which express anger and outrage at civil and social injustices she observed throughout her life. She was a champion of intersectional feminism, and life-long explorer of her own identity and the universal identity of African-American women. Her main goal was to empower black people and lesbians, to make diversity a source of growth and celebration rather than a reason for marginalisation, and to encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin.

You can find out more here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/audre-lorde

LGBT History Month 2016 – Day 6 – Sappho

Day 6’s inspirational person is someone who wrote poetry way before Hadrian was alive.  The work of the poetess Sappho (620 – 570BC) , also known as Sappho of Lesbos, after the Greek island on which she was born. She was a lyric poet – meaning her poetry would have been read out accompanied by a lyre – whose work was so popular in ancient Greece, and beyond, that she was honoured in statuary and praised by figures such as Solon and Plato.  Her poetry focussed on the romantic love between women. One verse reads:

“Never to let this lose me grace,
But rather bring you back to me:
Amongst all mortal women, the one
I most wish to see.”

The themes of Sappho’s work and her association with the island of Lesbos gave rise, in the late nineteenth century, to the use of the word ‘lesbian’ in its modern sense, as well as the term ‘sapphic’ to describe female-focused eroticism.

LGBT History Month 2016 - 06 - Sappho

You can find out more here; http://www.ancient.eu/Sappho_of_Lesbos/