About the Centre

Our centre is conveniently located ten minutes walk from the centre of Derby, on Bramble Street.  Our downstairs lounge is a public area, including access to an enclosed garden space.  We are disabled friendly, with ramp access to our front door, and parking directly opposite the centre.  If you are parking nearby, please note that there are curbstones to negotiate, which may not be drop curbs.

if you are visually impaired:

Our main entrance is set back in a tiled alcove with a step up from the pavement.  Our door is the left hand one as you stand facing the entrance.

Coming into our centre, the two tone entrance hall bell will sound as the main door opens.  The entrance hall carpet is grey and diagonally ribbed, and the door to the downstairs drop in is a few steps forward to your left.  The internal door to our drop in is spring loaded, with the handle on the left and the hinges on the right.  Inside the downstairs drop in, there are flat blue carpet tiles, and the room opens to your left and right, with the purple and black sofas to your left and the pale wood meeting table to your right.  The sofas form a U shape with an oval coffee table in the middle.  The ramp to the loo is straight ahead from the door to the opposite wall and goes to the right.  If you’d like to let us know before you visit, we’ll be happy to tie a small piece of string on the loo door handle for you

We are guide dog/ seeing support worker friendly!

If you are hearing impaired:

We have a hearing loop installed, staff and volunteers are deaf aware, with some able to communicate in level 1 BSL.  You are welcome to bring an interpreter with you, if you want to.  We are also deaf assistance dog friendly!  There are windows at both sides of our downstairs room, so if you’d like us to shut the blinds to help you lip read, just let us know.

If you are physically impaired:

Our downstairs public areas, including our lounge, are disabled friendly, with ramp access to a disabled adapted loo.  We can accommodate mobility scooters and wheelchairs through our main and downstairs doors into our lounge area.  We’re happy to have confidential one to one sessions in our lounge area, rather than in our upstairs counselling room.  You also have a choice of chairs around the meeting table, which can be removed to accommodate a wheelchair, or sitting on our sofas, wherever is easiest for you.

If you have anxiety about new places or new people:

We welcome helpers to our centre to visit with you, including support dogs or support workers, we understand that visiting a new building and meeting new people can be stressful, so are happy to give you the time you need to access our services.  If you prefer to have short breaks in your time with us, just let us know.  If you want, we are happy to run your support session with your support worker sat with you, alternatively they can sit a short distance away.

Alternatively, we can book a short meeting for your first one, and let you get used to our centre and our staff before you come back for a longer session.  If booking an appointment is too much right now, you are welcome to come and talk to us at a drop in session, just let us know beforehand if you want to come and talk to a specific team member.

You can always reach us by e-mail, letter or by telephone if you prefer.

How to find us