LGBT History 2017

LGBT+ History: Out MP’s Throughout the History series this year we have looked at many milestones including the first MP’s to come out so it is not difficult to wonder how things have […]

LGBT+ History: Alan Turing

Alan Turing is best described by the BBC in their blog, “he is famous for being an eccentric yet passionate British mathematician, who conceived modern computing and played a crucial […]

LGBT+ History: The Equality Act

Over the years the different regulations which were introduced which granted protections to various parts of people’s lives. From Equality of pay, to sex discrimination or racial discrimination the Act […]

LGBT+ History: Gareth Thomas

In 2009, the Welsh Rugby player, Gareth Thomas came out as gay. You can read more about him here: If ever there was a symbol which showed you should […]

LGBT+ History: Human Fertilisation Act

As an update to the previous 1990 Act this legislation was introduced to bring the law upto date with modern science and social concerns. [] The appropriate sections which were […]