Derbyshire LGBT+ Youth Services

Derbyshire LGBT+ has two weekly youth groups, one in Derby City Centre and one in Chesterfield. For more information on either group, please contact Sally Holyland on 01332 207704 or email [email protected]

Derbyshire LGBT+ has been providing youth services since 2005.   Our Youth Services are one of the most successful services and continue to attract a healthy number of attendees from throughout Derby and Derbyshire.  Our Youth Groups are managed and facilitated by our experienced and friendly team of staff and provides a safe, confidential and friendly space for young LGBT+ people to meet others and make new friends.

In the past, the members of the youth services have worked on many projects including making short films and organising regional events. The group can help create important peer support for LGBT+ young people which can be difficult in other settings as young LGBT+ people can often feel isolated and alone, due to their experiences in coming out, or dealing with their feelings about sexual orientation or gender identity.

We know that attending a group for the first time can be really nerve-wracking! So here’s what some of the members of the youth groups have to say about the group:

“I found out about the youth group through being given a flyer at Derby Pride 2012. Since my first time at Youth Group , I have been back every Saturday. This is because I know I can be myself here and I will be around people who understand and experience how I feel. The best thing about Youth Group is definitely the people! Everyone respects each other and we don’t take life too seriously. I know that I can have a laugh when I come here. If you are thinking about joining the youth group, I would definitely suggest you to do so! It is an amazing place to be yourself around people who will accept you for who you are.” – Elle, 16

“Before Youth Group, I didn’t know many LGBT people. I found out about Youth Group through a friend of mine who was already coming to the group and he introduced me to the members. My first time at Youth Group was good but I was really nervous because there were a lot of people that I didn’t know. But I keep coming back to Youth Group because I like the people here and the staff. The best thing is the people here because they are friendly and genuine people. Youth Group has made me able to accept myself for who I am. We talk about anything and do loads of fun things like going to Pride events, doing art workshops, watching films and playing games. If someone was considering coming to Youth Group, I’d definitely recommend it because it’s a good place where people are accepting and can talk to about anything!” – Lee, 17

“I came to Youth Group to meet new people and become comfortable about my sexuality. I keep coming back because I’ve met loads of new friends and I can talk to people about anything personal that has been happening in my life. I was really nervous coming to Youth Group for the first time because I’d never been to a LGBT youth group before. But I’m really glad I had the confidence to join because it really is worth it. I think that the best thing about the group is the friendly atmosphere. Ever since I started coming here, I have been able to be more confident about my sexuality!” – Foxie, 15

“Before I found Youth Group , I felt like I was alone in my confusion. I hardly knew any LGBT people and I felt really isolated. My first time at the group was a little scary because I’m not used to meeting new people. But the staff and young people really made me feel at ease. Since coming here, I have come out as gender queer and I’ve been more open about my mental health issues. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel safe here and I feel like I can get the support I need while expanding my social life at the same time!” – Roo, 16

“Before Youth Group , I had no one else to relate to about the way I felt. I had no other friends I could talk to because I had to leave school due to mental health problems. Speaking to everyone at Youth Group , I didn’t have to hide because I knew I wasn’t being judged. My first time at the group, I was quite scared but everyone was really welcoming straight away. Youth Group has made me more open about my sexuality and myself in general – I’ve never felt better. Battling my depression became easier because I am friends with people who care.” – Melody, 14