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Want to openly support your LGBT+ students, colleagues or clients, but aren’t sure where to start?

  • Not sure when a Trans* student can have their name changed on their official college record?
  • An employee comes to you asking for time off over the summer for her and her same sex partner to adopt, what do you tell her?
  • A client asks for their pronouns to be changed to ‘They/them’ and to have no ‘Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss’ on their record or communications.  Could your current database accommodate them?
  • Can a gay couple stay in your bed and breakfast/hotel in a double room for their honeymoon?  What about them holding hands at breakfast?
  • A member of your team has openly disclosed that they are bisexual, and has come to you very upset, reporting widespread bullying and harassment based on this.  As a manager, could you effectively deal with it?

It can be worrying when you aren’t certain of the best way to handle a situation, and damaging if you choose to ignore it, so check through the links below for ways we can help.

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any queries about LGBT+ issues in general, or queries connected with LGBT+ employment, law, provision of services or education.  We can also provide half or full-day training sessions based around LGBT+ awareness, tailored to your needs.  We also have provision for consultancy services, and are able to assist your business or service provision in many ways, for example; reviewing existing policies for LGBT+ inclusion. Please contact us to discuss your training or consultancy requirements.

How to be LGBT Friendly


Consultancy Services

I’m a Tutor/Teacher/Lecturer – Help!

I’m a GP – Help!

I’m a Manager – Help!

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