Our training is delivered by Derbyshire LGBT+ trainers and is produced to be interactive, engaging, informative and relevant to your role or service. The sessions aim to offer information, expertise, tools and resources to increase knowledge and understanding for the learner. Training can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements and vary from short awareness raising session to more in-depth full day with an emphasis on specific topics identified by you.

Training we offer includes:

LGBT Awareness – considers the impact of language and terminology, issues and needs of the LGBT+ community, best practice in relation to the Equality Act and to start action planning for your organisation.

Trans* Awareness – considers definitions and terminology, introduces gender identity and gender dysphoria, issues and needs of Trans* people, legal requirements, improving services and access for Trans* people within your organisation.

Same Sex and LGBT+ Domestic Abuse – looks at definitions and forms of domestic abuse, the impact and prevalence, considers additional risk factors and barriers to reporting, and developing services.

Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crime – definitions, prevalence of Hate crime for LGBT+ people, the impact on victims, barriers to reporting for LGBT people, removing barriers to reporting.

Bullying and Harassment – based on sexual orientation and/or being Trans*. Definitions, impact and needs, legal responsibilities, action planning to tackle, challenge and reduce bullying and harassment and create an open and diverse positive working environment.

We are always actively updating the training sessions and packages we offer, so to get more information contact [email protected] or call 01332 207704