Bidentity is an online friendly social and support group for those who self-identify as bi or pan or any other term under the bi umbrella, and want to be included.  We have a closed group on Facebook, which you can ask to join.

The group enables anyone (18 years and over) to meet up, make friends and have a great time in a friendly, relaxed and safe space with like-minded people.  To join Bidentity, or for more information, please contact us on [email protected]


Bidentity Guidelines

Our online group guidelines for members, to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

  • Always make people feel welcome.
  • This is a no-pressure space, and we are here to make and be friends in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.
  • Have the freedom to be yourself and be respected.
  • Refrain from using excessive bad language or engaging in any inappropriate behaviour.
  • Everything that is said in the group stays within the group, and remains confidential.
  • Everyone in the group should be treated fairly and equally, irrespective of race, ethnicity, faith, disability, gender identity, age, HIV status, economic status, marital status and sexual orientation.
  • Talk to individuals about their culture and respect it, as we are all different.
  • Any disagreements need to be talked about, supportively challenged and resolved, so that nobody feels unable to attend the group again.
  • Remember your privacy is important, and will be respected.  Remember to give your personal details, email and phone numbers to others ONLY when you are ready.
  • If the group needs to make a decision, a majority of two-thirds of the group is required.