Transcend and SOFFA

Transcend is a monthly friendly social support group for people who identify their gender in many different ways; we welcome Transmen and Transwomen at any point in their journey, crossdressers, Drag Queens and Kings, gender non-binary, gender neutral or any other way that you self-identify beyond the gender binary.

Derbyshire LGBT+ also provide changing facilities so you have the option to get dressed if you wish to do so.


SOFFA is a social support group for significant others, friends, family and allies of Trans people.  Derbyshire LGBT+ recognises that those around a Trans person may also need support and to talk to someone else having similar experiences.

The idea of both groups is to enable people (18 years and over) to meet up, make friends and have a nice time in a friendly relaxed  and safe space with like-minded people.

Transcend and SOFFA are taking a break due to Volunteer availability until the New Year. Please check back here in 2019.



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