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Website Updates



We are currently in the process of redeveloping and redesigning our website. So we apologize if some of the content or links are not working as they should.

We hope to have the work completed very soon.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at or call on 01332 207704


Many Thanks- the team at Derbyshire LGBT+

Techincal Difficulties

Hello lovely readers,
We re currently experiencing technical difficulties in receiving notifications for comments and feedback forms for our website. Please contact the centre by e-mail on with any support queries, requests for postal safe sex packs or information about our social support groups.

We are hoping to resolve this in the near future.

Surveys Surveys Surveys

Hi everyone out there, we have a couple surveys we would like you to fill in if you could.


One is a survey so we can see what services are needed and what we can do better with the services we already provide, you can find that survey here


The second is a survey for a new service we are piloting called Golden Rainbows, it is for older LGBT people who might be more isolated in the wider county, you can find that survey here